PLiBOT, our partner in Japan

The Obayashi Corporation

A large construction and engineering company based in Tokyo, Japan, has been using autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for some time. They have now set up a dedicated company, PLiBOT, which aims to develop and market an AMR ecosystem. The applications they target not only include material handling, but also cleaning operations. PLiBOT has selected the Bluebotics ANT® navigation system – which is also used for Karters – as their software platform.

PLiBOT Japanese partner karter

On a visit to Bluebotics in Switzerland, PLiBOT representatives saw one of our Karter AMRs and contacted us for more information. After assessing our products in detail, PLiBOT decided to adopt Karters as part of their ecosystem, for the following reasons:


  • Karters are compact and agile, and therefore well-suited for operating in the dense factory environments found in Japan
  • The ability to carry pallets up to 1.5 t is attractive to their customers
  • The short charging time and long operating time are perfect for industrial applications
  • We can customise Karters for specific applications to increase efficiency

We are looking forward to working closely with PLiBOT and serving new customers in Japan.

Simon Rijke, our CEO, and Patrick van Tiel, Commercial Manager, went to Japan in September to present our Karter AMRs to the whole PLiBOT group and its partners, and to support the introduction at Logis-Tech Tokyo, a major trade fair.