An innovative, young company – building on decades of experience

Building Karter AMR

About us

Karter develops innovative Autonomous Mobile Robots to make your operations more efficient. Our corporate culture emphasises flexibility and a positive attitude. We offer high quality products supported by excellent service.

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Our approach

We aim to develop innovative products and supply and support them internationally. Where appropriate we work with local partners and system integrators. At Karter we are optimists and we are flexible – we always assume we can develop a solution to suit your application. We want to be a reliable partner and build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.

We combine our hardware with proven Bluebotics software and navigation systems to offer you a flexible AMR, and effective integration with your ERP systems and other software.

“Karter: innovative hardware and proven software”


Karter is a subsidiary of Weighpack, which has a track record of over 45 years supplying integrated, customized packing lines for fasteners and similar products. As a result we are thoroughly familiar with logistics processes in many industries and have identified clear opportunities for improvement. That inspired us to develop into the Karter range of AMRs.

What we offer

24/7 support

Karters feature reliable mechanical and electronic components and proven software. Therefore they rarely suffer failures. However, we offer 24/7 support to minimise any disruption to your operations.


When Karters are first implemented in your plant we train your personnel to operate and reconfigure the system independently. If required we can provide ongoing support to your operations.


Karters are robustly designed and need little maintenance. We normally visit customers once a year for checks and maintenance.

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What we consider important


Laser scanners ensure obstacle detection and safety. Karters never get tired or distracted, always working safely and efficiently.


Natural Feature Navigation makes it easy to introduce Karters in your plant, and to respond to changes in processes and layout.

Quick Charging

You benefit from a high availability as Karters only need to charge for 10 minutes to be ready for a full 8-hour shift.

Plug & Play

The proven Bluebotics software makes it easy to integrate Karters with other software and equipment such as barcode scanners, powered doors, etc.

In-house production

Karters are built in The Hague, the Netherlands, in a factory shared with Weighpack. This gives us full control over the quality of our products and enables us to provide custom solutions efficiently.

Andres Alconchel

Andres Alconchel

Commercial Manager