7 advantages of Karter AMRs

advantages of Karter AMRs

What are the advantages of Karter AMRs?

The main advantages of Karters AMRs are:

  • they can be implemented quickly in your plant
  • you can update the system yourself 
  • you get product training 
  • the hardware can be customised 
  • they have a high capacity
  • they offer an excellent price/performance ratio 
  • they combine high quality hardware with high quality software and support

Will it be easy to implement a Karter system in my plant?

Commercial manager Patrick van Tiel “Because Karters use Natural Feature navigation we can set a system up quickly, that’s a real advantage. We simply drive a unit around under manual control, create the map and define the basic routes. Normally we can do that in a day, especially as we do a lot of preparation before we get to your site to facilitate the integration with your systems. But we are always on site for at least two days, as we also train your personnel to program the Karter system.”

advantages: customisable is Karter

How customisable is Karter hardware?

Patrick van Tiel “One of the advantages of building Karters in our own factory in The Hague, the Netherlands, is that we can customise the units. For example, some customers specify a bracket with a blue warning light for Karter Kompakts, and the Lyft model can be supplied with longer or shorter forks. The Mono can be fitted with a customised platform, optimised for the customer’s roll cages, dollies or trollies. We can supply all models in stainless steel versions, for the food and pharma industries. We have an in-house paintshop, so custom colours are no problem – we are currently working on a batch of Karters finished in blue, to match a customer’s house style.”


advantages Karter-based system

How flexible is a Karter-based system? Can I update it if the plant layout changes?

The Bluebotics Natural Feature navigation means that you can easily change a Karter system if circumstances change. A key advantage is that you never have to spend time and money installing special navigation features such as lines on the floor or targets on the wall.


If you change the layout of your warehouse, or move to a new building you simply drive a Karter around under manual control, and then you create the maps and routes. You can do all that independently, without having to pay us for consultancy or configuration. And just adding or modifying routes is obviously even easier. We think this flexibility is a real advantage of our AMR solution.

advantages karter product training

What product training does Karter provide?

When delivering and implementing Karter AMRs at a new customer we give their staff a two-day course. That enables them to scan the building with a Karter, create the map, and program basic routes, including picking up and placing pallets. As a result our customers can update the systems themselves if anything changes, or if they move to a new building, and they can create the routes without needing support from us. That is a significant advantage over some competing products. Of course, we are always available if a customer prefers to contract this work out, or if they need support for complex projects.

What is the capacity of a Karter?

Our Karter Kompakt (for pallets) and Karter Mono (for roller cages, boxes, etc.) handle loads up to 1500 kg. The Karter Lyft transports and lifts pallets up to 1000 kg.

advantages karter quality of your products

Can you tell me something about the quality of your products?

Patrick van Tiel “Karters are built using high-quality components, including assemblies custom-developed for our products. Metalwork and assembly are all done in-house at our factor in The Hague. This gives us full control over product quality and ensures Karters have a long life and require little maintenance. The software is developed by our partner Bluebotics, based in Switzerland, and builds on 20 years’ experience in the field. Our engineers in The Hague and those of our distributors are fully familiar with the systems and can provide you with the support you need.”

advantages Karter an AGV or an AMR

Is a Karter an AGV or an AMR?

Karters are Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) because they have much more processing power onboard than traditional Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and can navigate autonomously, without constant communication with a central control system. The advantages include easier programming of the system, and less traffic on your Wi-Fi system.

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