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Introducing Karters

Karters are Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), similar to Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Automatically Guided Carts (AGC), but with much more advanced navigation and automation features.

How Karters work

Karters are easy to integrate in your operations: there is no need for lines on the floor or reflective markers in the building, or continuous commands from the control system

Karters have safety laser scanners for ‘natural feature navigation’ and obstacle avoidance. Once they know the layout of your building they can find their way around autonomously.

Karter Kompakt front view
Karter Kompakt

Moves pallets weighing up to 1500 kg around your plant, efficiently and reliably.

Karter Lyft front
Karter Lyft

Lifts your pallets up by 500 mm to bring them to a convenient working height.

Karter AMR Mono sideview
Karter Mono

Handles a wide range of loads, such as roller cages, boxes, tanks, etc.

Karter AMR back


Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for intralogistics are now more affordable and easier to implement thanks to developments in software and scanner technology. They help you optimise intralogistics and, unlike AGVs, Karters do not require any changes to your building infrastructure.
Key reasons for deploying Karter AMRs:

  • Improved safety
  • Lower operating costs
  • High availability
  • Consistent performance
  • No changes to your building needed
  • Proven BlueBotics software
  • Integration with other systems

More features


Karter AMRs have laser safety scanners and advanced software for safe operation near people and objects.


Karters use natural feature navigation and do not require changes to your building.

Rapid charging

A Karter can operate for 8 hours after charging for just 10 minutes.

Plug & Play software

Karters use proven BlueBotics ANT® Autonomous Navigation Technology software for easy deployment and interfacing.


Karters offer great flexibility, safety and 24/7 availabillity – making them valueble tools in many industries.

Logistics warehousing

Logistics & warehousing

For ambient, refrigerated and frozen warehouses

Pharmaceutical industry

Food & pharmaceuticals

Hygenienic and easy to clean

Agricultural industry

Agriculture & greenhouses

Working long hours during peak periods

Karter machinery

Fasteners & small components

Optimising line efficiency

Industrial kettels

Hardware, construction products & industrial components

Robust and powerful

Building Karter AMR

About us

Karter: Ingenuity through simplicity

An innovative, young company – building on decades of experience
Karter develops innovative AMRs to make you more productive. Our corporate culture is based on flexibility and a positive attitude, to offer our customers high quality products supported by excellent service, now and in the future.

Karter is a subsidiary of Weighpack, which has a track record of over 40 years supplying integrated, customised packing lines for fasteners and similar products.

Do you have any questions?

Please explore this website to see how our Karter Autonomous Mobile Robots can support your operations. Or contact us now to discuss your application